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What is Management Consulting?

Management consultants are professional experts who provide solutions and strategies to improve the financial and operational health of an organization. The recommendations made by management consultants are backed by large amounts of research and data.

Clients hire management consulting teams primarily as objective third-party analyzers of an organization, including businesses, government institutions, nonprofits, and more.

"Every year in consulting is like three years in the corporate world because you have multiple clients, multiple issues - you grow so much"

- Indra Nooyi


General Overview

Daily Life as a Consultant

Other Consulting Services

Other Consulting

Marketing Consulting

Marketing consulting is providing expert advice on everything to do with marketing: how you get in front of and attract the interest of potential customers so that you can grow your business more effectively.


Human Resources Consulting

HR consulting is providing expertise to help businesses and organizations hire, manage, train, and/or retain their employees. It often also includes providing guidance on how to implement HR plans.

Business Colleagues


Technology Consulting

Software/IT consulting is providing expertise specific to software, software engineering, and/or information technology.

App Developer

Non-Profit/Governance Consulting

Non-profit consulting is providing expert advice and guidance specifically to government or non-profit organizations. It can include fundraising, marketing strategy development, technology strategy and implementation, and many more areas.

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Baylor Consulting

Why do Baylor students decide to pursue consulting?

Madeline Voss '19

"As a marketing and accounting major at Baylor, I wanted a career that provided me the opportunity to design and execute competitive and creative marketing strategies to more deeply connect a business with it’s consumers. Marketing consulting provided this opportunity because you get to work with different clients on a variety of marketing practices, providing incredible exposure to cutting edge technology and brands that you know and love early in your career. This could look like redesigning logos and advertising, creating a Superbowl ad, using data to inform more personalized messaging across social media or emails, or even reorganizing the marketing department roles and responsibilities at a client, and much more. The benefit to marketing consulting is the wide range of problems you get to solve and clients you get to interact with, all while driving incredible experiences."

Digital Marketing Consultant - Accenture

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