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Management Consulting

General Events

CGB offers a variety of events for students to help them best prepare for future careers in consulting or a related field. 

  • Resume Workshops

  • Interview Preparation

  • Career Guidance

Case Prep

CGB helps students prepare for consulting case interviews by providing various resources and opportunities.


Learn more about what cases interviews are and how we prepare students below.

Info Sessions

CGB hosts multiple consulting firms each semester. The firms participate in a variety of events geared towards helping students learn more about the industry.

  • Information Sessions

  • Networking Opportunities

  • Career Panels

Consulting projects

The Consulting Group at Baylor provides pro-bono consulting work for local Waco businesses. These projects give students opportunity to get hands-on consulting experience by working in teams to solve problems.



During the year, we host a variety of events to help students prepare for internship and job recruiting while also developing skills for their future careers. We host occasional meetings to update students on upcoming events, provide information on how to succeed in future endeavors, and a variety of other career tailored content. Our team is dedicated to helping provide students with numerous resources to prepare for successful careers. 

Firms that CGB has hosted in the past year:

There firms have taken part in a variety events including information sessions, case interview walk-throughs, and networking events.

Case Interviews


The Consulting Group at Baylor knows the importance of case interviews and wants to help our members succeed. We host case interview preparation sessions to help members prepare for interviews. We also offer the opportunity for members to schedule one-on-one practice with the executive board or other senior members.



​Consulting firms use a unique style of interview called a case interview. Case interviews test candidates ability to use analytical and problem solving skills in a real-time environment. Candidates will be evaluated on their business judgement and ability to be articulate in their thinking.

Students from all majors and backgrounds can succeed in case interviews. With proper preparation, anyone can pass a case interview!


CGB provides members with numerous resources to help them achieve success in case interviews.

Resources we provide to members:

  • 100+ practice cases 

  • Case interview walk-throughs

  • Consulting books

  • Brain Teasers

  • Case coaching sessions



The Consulting Group at Baylor provides pro-bono consulting work to local Waco businesses. This allows our group to make and impact in the community while also providing members hands on consulting experience. We dedicate a team of 8-12 students to each project which typically lasts 12-14 weeks. 

Areas our group can assist companies with:

  • Financial Analysis 

  • Market Research

  • Operations Improvements

  • Growth Strategy

  • Creative Marketing

Consulting Projects

City Ranch Boot Company is a local Waco business. Owned and operated by Jay Kelly, he specializes in making customized boots for any occasion. CGB has enjoyed working with Jay and have helped him in his marketing efforts as well as operations. 

FC Waco is a non-profit semi-pro soccer club based out of Waco, TX. Our team worked with the FC Waco leadership to help the organization expand its impact on the local community. Members provided the team with marketing, strategy, data collection, and fan experience. 



"What I enjoy most about CGB is gaining real-world experience in the consulting industry. It is a great way to get to know other Baylor students that are interested in consulting, as well as, meet professionals that come and speak to us about their experiences. CGB has really helped me gain insight on what a job in consulting will look like while also helping me prepare to be a successful consultant."

- Lauralee Jackson

Management Information Systems

2020 Baylor Grad

"The Consulting Group at Baylor provided me an excellent opportunity to learn what it really looks like to be a consultant through participating in a local consulting project. I was able to gain experience solving real problems for a local business. The hands-on experience paired with talking to  consulting professionals gave me a much deeper understanding of the industry."

- Konnor Minko

Finance and Economics

2020 Baylor Grad

​"I have enjoyed the group because I have been surrounded by like-minded individuals who have similar professional goals as me. In addition, I have been able to network and meet people who are now working for companies I aspire to work at some day, and they have provided guidance for students still at Baylor. The leadership of this group is committed to providing its members the best opportunity to land a consulting job and I think their determination to reach their goals is more apparent than any other group."

- Cameron Wilson

Supply Chain Management and Entrpenuership

2020 Baylor Grad

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